This website is property, and is under responsability of, CERAMICA MALPESA S.A., with CIF A23016157, with domicile in Crta. Madrid-Cádiz km 303 23730 Villanueva de la Reina – Jaén, phone number (00) 34 953670711, e-mail, registered in the commercial register of Jaén: T 584, F 201, S8, HJ 228, I/A 1ª, although henceforth, we will be named as Malpesa or simply “we” and we will call to you, who is the user of this web as “user” or simply “you”.


The fact of acceding to this web involves the knowledge and the approval without any reserves of the following terms and conditions.


Hereunder, we will expose them:

Terms and conditions of use

With general caracter, with independency of the country from the user connects to the web, relationships between Malpesa and our users are subject to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.


The contents, bussiness activities, products and services included in our web are neither devised, nor addressed to these people who reside in jurisdictions where their contents are not authorized.


The access to our web is sole responsability of the users and it adds no much more than setting up any kind of commercial character relationship between Malpesa and the user.


The access and surfing in this web supposes to accept and know the legal warnings, use terms and privacity policy, involving there.


Malpesa makes the users know that the contents of this website are mainly addressed to an over age of 14 years-old public. If you are not still 14, you have to count on your parents or tutors’ authorization to follow on surfing in our web.


Actuality and modification of the information


This legal information rewarding with the use of our web is the current day of its last update (1st December 2018). We reserve the right to update, modify or delate the information of this web, being able to limite or not to allow the access to whoever.


The user will not be able to alter, change, modify or adapt any endpoints of this web. Nevertheless, we reserve the right of the faculty of effecting, whenever, a few changes and modifications we estimate convenient, being able to use of such power whenever without notice.


Likewise, we reserve the right of updating the general conditions whenever. Such changes and modifications will not affect to the contracts yet perfected between Malpesa and its users and clients, without any damage that can be mutual agreed and in the fortuned cases or greater force.




In our company, we realice the maximum efforts to avoid any error in the contents that could appear in our web. However, we do not ensure and make ourselves responsable of the consequences that might stem of the errors in the contents that could appear in our web, providing by others.


Malpesa does not take charge of those contents, bussinesses activities, products and services included that could be viewed through links, directly or indirectly, by means of this web. The presence of links in our web, unless express notice of contrary, has a finality merely informative and in any case it supposses any suggestion, invitation or recommendation about themselves. These links do not represent necessarily the existence of any kind of relationship between Malpesa and the particulars or proprietors enterprises of the webs where we can access through these links. Malpesa reserves the right of pulling out unilaterally and whenever the links that appear in our web.


Malpesa does not take any charge of the content from any forum or debate in the cyberspace, bulletins or any kind of transmissions, which are connected to this website and they will cooperate if it is required by law or the pertinent authorities, in the identification of responsable people of these contents that violate the law.


We exclude all responsability that could be derived from the transmission of the information among users. The responsability of the diffused manifestations in this website is exclussive of who realice them. It is prohibited any kind of transmission of dates that the users can realice to this or through this web ou other accesses controlled by Malpesa, that infrige the property right of others and whose contents could be threatening, libellou, obscene, pornographic or the transmission of another material that constitute or incite a behavior that could be considered as a penal offence.


Malpesa excludes the responsability for the access of under age youngers to the contents including in the web, being responsable their progenitors or legal tutors to exerce an adequate control over their children’s activity as well as installing any of the use of internet control tolos with the purpose of avoiding the access to materials or contents not suited to minors, as well as the send of personal details without the previous authorization from their progenitors and tutors.


Navigation, access and security


The access and navigation in this web supposse to accept and know the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use included in it. In Malpesa, we realice the máximum effort to the navigation is done in the best possible conditions and avoid the prejudices of any kind that could be caused in itself.


This web has been designed to support the most used web browsers among the internet users (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera). Even, we are not responsable of the prejudice, of any indole, that could be ocassionated by the users by the use of other browsers or different versions of the browsers for which the web has been designed.


Malpesa is not responsable and she does not guarantee that the access to this web would be uninterrupted or that is free of error, so long as such incidences or errors come from strange sources from us. It does not either take charge of or guarantee that the software which can be accessed through this web is free of errors coming back others. Otherwise, in any case, Malpesa takes charge of the losings, damage and detriments of any kind that appear because of the access and the use of the website, always that come back from strange sources from us. We neither take charge of the damage that could originate by the inappropriate use of this web.


The offered services in this web only can be updated correctly if it is accomplished the technique specifications for which they have been created.


Intelectual and industrial property


This web, the contents and services that it harbors and, specially, with expository character but not limited one, the photographs, images, texts. Logos, designs, brands, bussiness names and data that are included in the web, they are protected by intelectual property legislation. They will not be able to be explotation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, assignment or transformation object. The access to this web does not grant users either the right or entittlement over the rights of intelectual property of the contents that are included.


The content of this web can be downloaded to the user’s device (download), whenever possible it is for personal use and without any commercial goal. Hence, he will not be able to exploit, reproduce, distribute, modify, communicate publicly, give, transform or use the content of this web with public purposes or commercial ones.


Malpesa does not transfer the users the property of its software. We retain all the rights of industrial and intelectual property, incluyed the software. If the user transfers the software of this web to his device, he will not be able to dissect it for its study, or decompile it. He will not be able to translate the original object code or its language to another code or language.


It is only authorized the use of the contents of this web with informative purposes and of service, whenever possible that it is cited or it refers to the source, being the user the unique responsable of the incorrect use of itself.


Malpesa reserves the possibility of exercing the judicial actions that correspond against the users that violate the rights of intelectual and industrial property.


Technique aspects information


Malpesa will not be responsable of the possible damage or prejudices that could be derived from the interferences, omissions, interruptions, computing virus, telephone failures or disconnections in the operation functioning of this electronic system, motivated by strange causes from us, of delays or blockings in the use of electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloadings in our Data processing system, of telephone lines, in the internet system or in other electronic systems. We either are responsable of other damage which could be caused by others by means of ilegal interferences out of our control. Likewise, Malpesa is exonerated of all responsability in any damage or prejudice that the user could suffer like consequence of erros, defaults, and omissions, in the provided information whenever possible that they come from other sources.

Privacy policy

In order to develop our activity, in a general way, we carry out a personal data processing which our customers and users gave us through authorized registration forms as well in our website as our physical support in our area of attention, with the purpose to pay attention to your consultation, marketing gestion of our products available in our sector which could be interesting.


On the other hand, if you are not our customer and only you are a website user, the only personal data which we processing about you are gestionated through the cookies that we use in the website (read our cookies privacy policy to get more information) and which willingly you have sent to us through contact media which we make available in this website to pay attention your consultation.


Furthermore, exist the possibility that our customers and users get periodically information about the news relation with our activity, including information about the products which we trade or those could be interesting to them. Just only will refer back this information if you have provided your agreement and, certainly if you decide stop receiving this kind of communications for our duty you only have to indicate through the different contact forms which we make available in our website.


Moreover, you must know that we don’t make personal selection through the website, for this reason if you provide personal dar because you are interested in working with us, your personal data including your curriculum data that you could provide us, will be treated just only to immediately elimination.


Then, we inform about the differents aspects to take into account in the information which we make with your personal information.


Treatment purpose


To make the gestion with doubts and consults that the user introduce us, regarding to our services, products, prices or any other feature showed or induced through information which we publish in our website, either through application form, by phone or carry out email in the website.


To make the personal data gestion relation with the marketing about our products and services.


Document delivery about commercial information, about our products, product brochures and news in our sector, to website subscribers.


Treatment legitimisation


To develop your consults attention we deal with your data covered in the contract ejecution or pre-contractual action aplication (Art. 6. 1b RGPD).


This legitimisation are complemented with the legal obligation fulfillment in the cases where applicable.


Information addressees


Your data have to as addresses our treatment person in charge, between them the digital marketing company that provide services which commit to fulfil with the arranged in the current regulation in order to protect our data and with the indicated instructions by us, regarding data treatment, and they can’t be used to under no circumstances to a different purpose from here to indicated.


Likewise, we inform you that we don’t make international treatment about your data.


Storage periods


Services performance execution: we will keep your data for four years from the commercial relation elimination.


Commercial information shipment: so far the interested show their objection to the treatment with the own agreement removal. Once showed the negative information reception, we will proceed to eliminate your data, apart from the legal possible obligations, which could be in a data conservation longer period (However in this case will be duly blocked).


You must to take into account, legal obligation fulfillment can involve your data conservation, or one part of them, by a longer period of time.




All those users whose personal information data being treatment object, can bring free your access rights, correction, data suppression, treatme objection, and treatment limitation, as well as portability (in the cases which will be possible pay attention with the current law) and the information in individuals automated decisions (in the case those are been realised).


This rights will bring through differents ways:


  • Written, sending an application, including a identity supporting document to the newt address:Malpesa – Atención de Datos Personales
    Crta. Madrid-Cádiz km 303 23730 Villanueva de la Reina (Jaén) – España
  • Through the email contact signing digitally your application carry out your Spanish electronic identity document (DNI) or attaching a DNI copy, not including in this case more supporting for the applicant person.


Control authority


If the user consider that their rights have been ignored or vulnerable, you have to know that you can present your complaint in light of the competent control authority, in this case is the Spanish protection data agency. If the interested as well as consider properly, also can come to any competent control authority inside the European Union.

Cookie policy

We hereby inform you that this website uses cookies to help us to improve the site and the service we offer as well as to collect information about its use.




In this website we use our own technical and analytic cookies, in order to produce statistics and reports about the use of the website and remember your decisions while browsing, improving your user experience, and to manage the customer area, in addition to third party cookies, to supplement the analysis tools we use and include features such as important maps locations or social networks profiles. By browsing and continuing in our website, you are consenting the use of the previously listed cookies, and in the conditions contained in this Cookies policy.


This consent is on the basis of Article 22.2 of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Law 34/2002, it being understood that if you do not consent the use of cookies we do you may, using amongst other things, the information we provide in this cookies policy, set your browser to not to accept its use.


Malpesa may revise this Cookies Policy according to the regulatory and legislative requirements or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. In the case of meaningful changes in this Cookies Policy, users will be duly notified.


What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device when you visit a website and it allows the owner of the website to store or recover certain information about your browser habits from that device.


Types of cookies


We offer the following information about types of cookies and their purpose:


1. Types of cookies according to the entity managing


According to the entity which manages the computer or domain from which cookies are sent and the entity which edits obtained data, we can distinguish:


First party cookies: are those which are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from or to our own web service.


Third party cookies: are those which are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from an equipment or domain which is not managed by Malpesa but by other entity which treats obtained data by means of cookies. Due to are third party which work on cookies implementation, blocking and uninstalling, is governed by their own specific conditions and arrangements.


2. Types of cookies according to the length of time staying on devices


Session cookies: are those cookies designed in order to collect and store data while the user is using the website. These cookies are stored on the device until the browsing session of the user is finished.


Persistent cookies: are those cookies in which data are stored on the device and can be accessed and treated during a defined period of time by the owner of the cookie, and it may vary from some minutes to some years.


3. Types of cookies according to their purpose


Technical cookies: these cookies let the user navigate the website or platform and the use of different options or services existing such as, for instance, monitor data traffic and data communication, identify the session, access to restricted areas, use security features while browsing or store contents for video and sound distribution or share contents on social networks such as Facebook or YouTube. These are session and persistent cookies.


Personalization cookies: these cookies let the user access to the service with some predetermined features depending on different criteria on the user’s device, such as the type of browser used to access the service, regional setting from which the user access the service, etc.


Analytic cookies: these cookies let us quantify the number of users and carry out a measurement and statistical analysis of the users browsing habits in our website. In order to do that, your browsing habits in our website are analysed with the purpose of improving it.


Advertising cookies: these cookies let the management, as efficiently as possible, of the advertising spaces which may be included in our website.


Behavioural advertising cookies: these cookies store behavioural information of the users obtained through continuous observation. Thanks to them, we can know the browsing habits on the Internet and show you advertisements related with your browsing profile.


Cookies management


You can let, block or delete cookies placed on your device through the setup options of your web browser. If you choose not to accept the installation of cookies on your browser, it is possible that some services are not available and your experience on the web may be less satisfactory.


On the following links, and exclusively as an indication, you information available to configure or disable your cookies on each browser:



You should take into account that some of the cookies included in the previously described cookies categories are stored by third party on their devices when the user uses our web. We have no control over these cookies or the way by which are used by third party. They are used to let the third party provide us a service, for instance, of analysis.